Four Elements Organics

Four Elements Organics

  • Address: Off Hwy 41 Between Atascadero & Morro Bay
  • Website:
  • About: “Our mission is to work in harmony with the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth, to create a farm that works with nature instead of against nature.  We use extensive cover cropping and rotations to build healthy soil, manage our water use wisely, use homemade bio-diesel to keep our air clean, and of course love the suns energy to grow lush crops for our customers.”
  • What is grown: Click here for a list of what is in season.
  • Where to buy: “We supply local nurseries with various vegetables and herbs grown in our straw-bale greenhouse.  We  primarily sell our produce to local grocery stores and natural food markets, restaurants, and local CSA distributors.  We grow medicinal herbs for Elemental Herbs, a natural body care company based in Morro Bay.  We are certified organic with CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).”


Sunshine Health Food (Morro Bay)

New Frontiers (SLO)


-Plant starts

-The Educated Gardener (Santa Margarita)

– Miners (Los Osos & Morro Bay)

– Cambria Nursery

– Four Elements Annual Spring Plant Sale at the farm. Click here to see last years flyer

-Prepared Food

Big Sky Cafe