Buy Bulk

Shopping in Bulk and Reusing Your Containers to Eliminate Plastic Waste is Easier Than You Think

You want to reduce single-use plastics and you love the idea of buying in bulk. Still, there’s something stopping you. We get it! Change is hard. That’s why we’re working to help our shoppers embrace reusing containers when buying in bulk just in time for April Earth Month.

Start preparing your reusable containers now! 

What’s the big fuss about bulk? Stock up on beans, rice, pasta, granola, nuts, flour, chocolate, dried fruit, seeds, honey, nut butters, and so much more–without all the excess waste.
It’s this easy:

1. Be prepared. Bring your reusable container (or buy one from the Co-op)

2. Weigh your empty container and note the tare weight (we provide stickers and pens)

3. Fill your container with local Co-op goods

4. Note the bulk number on your container with another sticker

5. Bring it up to the register

Need containers? They sell: 

+ Glass jars

Cloth bags

Reusable mugs, straws, and food storage

Our SLOCAL – SLO Natural Food’s Co-op is selling soups and salads in glass jars in their prepared foods case! Come see what’s fresh, and pick up a soup, salad, wrap, or sandwich. See all Co-op Specials and Deals here.