Dumb Questions

Dumb Questions Vegans Get Asked…‏

Let me ask you….do you dread family gatherings?  I mean the gatherings where you know there will be plenty of dead animals served at the gathering? 

Especially during the holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc….

For me is makes me sick to my stomach as I count in my head how many animals were just killed to satisfy the selfish need of the taste buds.

But as a Vegan I can only live by example and continue with my passion and my message to speak for the animals who have no voice.

But, what really irks me are the stupid questions I get asked about being Vegan.

So today I want to help you with some witty answers to those who are asking you these types of questions.

Q. Plants feel pain, so aren’t you killing a living being?

A. Last time I did my research in order to feel pain you need to have a central nervous system and plants do not have a central nervous system.  Didn’t you know that? Sounds to me like you are concerned about eating things that have pain so why do you eat animals that we all know feel pain?

Q. Where do you get your protein?

A. Quinoa, nuts, beans, nuts, tofu, plants….yes plants, the same plants that gorillas, horses, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos who are all also vegan.  The best part is we aren’t clogging up our arteries and from eating meat. By the way…have you read the China Study?

Q. Why don’t you just do what I do and eat grass-fed, farm raised, organic, free roaming food?

A. Because #1 I am vegan for the animals, my health and the environment. It’s a way of life and it’s called veganism. Even I weren’t Vegan for those reasons, understand that meat still contains as much artery clogging saturated fat, cholesterol and hormones as mass-produced meat.  Just because the chicken, cow, goat, pig are treated nice for a few years, in the end they are killed by man.

Q. I had a friend that tried to go Vegan and she got really ill. I’m worried that would happen to you.

A. Really?  She got ill?  It sounds to me like she didn’t adopt a healthy Vegan lifestyle.  Maybe she didn’t do her research on how to eat a healthy properly balanced Vegan diet.

Q. How can you live without cheese?  I would die if I couldn’t have cheese.

A. Fortunately for you they make some great replacements for cheese that taste just like cheese less the harm to animals. So you won’t have to die.

Q. The bible says we should eat meat, right?

A. And the bible also supports eating a plant based diet.  Let’s be honest here… there are plenty of biblical references that support meat-eating and a plant based diet.

Q.You don’t have to kill an animal to eat dairy or eggs so why don’t you eat those?

A. The only difference between eating meat is animals get slaughtered to make meat and to get dairy and eggs they eventually get slaughtered too as they are being used to produce in mass quantities and when their time is over they get slaughtered too.  Also 200 million replacement chickens are bred every year and since the males are useless they end up getting killed some even get ground up alive.

Q. A cow needs to be milked so aren’t we doing her a favor?

A. A cow only needs to be milked because it is without her calf that humans have taken away so you can have her milk. Not to mention the agony the mama cow goes through from her missing new born, but where do you think that calf goes?  Where do you think veal comes from?  Exactly….

Q. It must be really hard to be Vegan?

A. Only when I have to address questions like this.

Q. Where do you get your calcium?

A. Don’t you find it odd that we are the only living creature that drinks milk beyond the infant years?  Btw…I get calcium from Almond Milk and there are a lot of amazing other foods such as almonds, broccoli and kale that are loaded with calcium.

Q. I can’t live without bacon how do you do it?

A. And I can’t watch how that bacon made it to your mouth. It’s cool, you like the carcass of a dead animal.  For me I prefer not to harm an animal just to satisfy my hunger when their are plenty of other amazing plant based items available to me that won’t ultimately clog up my arteries.

Q. Well don’t you where leather? That comes from a cow.

A. Nope, I don’t…..remember what I said earlier?  I am Vegan it’s a lifestyle and that means NO animal products at all.  Nice try though…..

What questions do you get and how do you respond?  I would love to hear and maybe in the next few weeks I can feature those questions in my newsletter.


Take care!

Megan Alpha

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