Purple Pipe Garden

Join us in creating a garden unlike any other….Make Your Impact! Help Build the County’s First Purple Pipe Community Garden

A Community Garden for SLO!

Have you heard the good news?  OCE and partners are building a new community garden in San Luis Obispo at the Laguna Golf Course on Los Osos Valley Road within the next few months. Not only will the new garden add up to 40 new spaces where SLO citizens can grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and more, the garden will use recycled (purple pipe) water.  Upon completion by OCE and partners, the garden will be operated by the City of San Luis Obispo.  If you are interested in garden plots, contact David Sutterland at (805) 781-7067 or dsetterlund@slocity.org.  But first, we need your help in building the future!<

0ff16361-12c0-4b12-97f7-b0fa6fbef806We’re Almost Ready…
More than half of the funding needed has already been raised, but before construction can begin, we need to raise the remaining $8000 to pay for materials and labor costs required to build the garden.  Be a part of this movement and make a positive impact by sponsoring a raised bed or bench, or donating materials, time or expertise today!
Support the Garden!
To raise the remaining funds, we’re depending on the community.  Help us reach our goal of getting 40 individuals or businesses to sponsor garden-bed and 4 garden benches.  To recognize your donation, your name (or that of a company, family member or friend) will be engraved in the lumber used to construct the garden.  In addition, you will receive tickets (for you plus one) to a grand opening barbecue in the garden!
Donation Levels
  •  $150 to sponsor a garden bed (38 of 40 remaining)
  •  $500 to sponsor bench (4 of 4 remaining)
Benefits & Rewards
  • name engraved on garden lumber
  • ticket to opening ceremony
How to Sponsor
  • Online through our GoFundMe campaign
    • Choose your sponsorship level or make a donation
    • There is a small fee for us to use this service
  • Mail a check or money order to One Cool Earth:
    • P.O. Box 150 San Luis Obispo CA 93406
    • Our preferred method of receiving payment

Questions or Comments?
Call us: Greg Ellis, Director (805) 242-6301

Tolosa Press_June 2015 PPCG ArticleOther Ways to Contribute

It takes more than money to build a community garden.  Maybe you can help us with some of the following:

purplepipe gardenVolunteer (work dates TBA)

  • Share our campaign with friends and family by forwarding this email
  • Pick up and drop off compost/mulch
  • Plant
  • Build an herb spiral
  • Build a compost system

Donate Materials

  • Lumber for fence and garden beds
  • Stone and/or broken concrete
  • Shed
  • Decomposed granite
  • Garden tools for shed
  • Screws
  • Mulch

If you can help, contact us!
Email us at greg@onecoolearth.org or call (805) 242-6301.

The difference you can make. 
We are experiencing the most severe drought of a generation. In these uncertain times, our resourcefulness is the only thing that will carry us through: we must think and work together towards solutions. This purple pipe garden will make a difference in our County by providing an example of how we can rethink waste.  Built by community, for community, the garden connects people to people and to nature.  Be a part of this movement and make a positive impact by getting involved!

A Purple Pipe Garden?

You heard it right, the new community garden will be irrigated by purple pipe water (the term for recycled or reclaimed water).  By using purple pipe water, the garden avoids impacting our limited fresh water supplies.  Purple pipe water comes from the water treatment plant where it has been thoroughly cleaned and tested before it is carried by purple pipes to golf courses, landscapes, gardens, and farms for reuse. Is purple pipe water safe?  Yes!  In fact, purple pipe water is cleaner than many natural fresh water sources.  Several other community gardens in California, including one in San Jose, have beeen using and monitoring it for years.  A number of farms also use recycled water to reduce impacts on groundwater supplies.

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