Scott Sarah Food Revolution

EatSLO.net table w/Scott & Sarah @ FOOD REVOLUTION DAY Bliss Cafe

Eat SLO is a labor of love. We started it because we wanted to eat as heathy as possible, to know where our food comes from, and to know that our money supports efforts towards a better future. Basically, We started EatSLO out of the desire to eat Sustainably, Locally grown, Organic food and to support this type of food system.

We hope to connect SLO conscientious people with their Farmers(Growers), Providers, Suppliers, and Preparers. EatSLO is for people wanting to know where their food and farm products come from.

Eat SLO is about long term Sustainable, Local, Organic community exchange. Eat SLO supports and connects those who represent SLO (Sustainable * Local * Organic):

Growers = farmers, gardeners, bee keepers etc.
Suppliers = trucking distributors, CSAs etc.
Providers = farmers markets, food co-ops etc.
Preparers = restaurants, cafes, burrito wagons etc.
Consumers = health conscious people who care about what they put into their body.

We have yet to monetize Eat SLO, for now we do it for our health. Ultimately, everyone will Eat SLO to be healthier too. It doesn’t cost anything to join EatSLO.net We hope to help the network by providing quality marketing, building awareness, and increasing exposure.

We also offer Design/Graphic Communication services and Bookkeeping services. For these valuable services ask for cash and trade.

Click Here for some more inspiration.

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