Secret Garden

the seceret garden

Walk across the cobble stone bridge, over the trickling San Luis creek, turn right passing a path to the main road, turn left and enter the Beautiful Secret Garden~Organic Herb Shop.

These Teas are wonderful any season any time. If you have an ailment that needs to be cured, chat with the store owner, Kirstin, and she will fix you up with a magical tea that is sure to make you feel whole again.

Kirstin makes sure that all her herbs are a “clean product” meaning all of the herbs are certified organic and sustainably wild-harvested and grown pesticide-free. A medicinal herb is any botanical cleanse that balances, harmonizes and strengthens the body. “ Clean” herbs are important to Kirstin due to what the herbs are being used for. “If the point is to help cleanse and strengthen the body then we don’t want poisons in the tea. I want to that buying from farmers that are not exploiting herbs. Basically that I can get the cleanest and most ethically attainable botanical I can find,” she adds. Sherritt juggles many different distributors to guarantee she gets the most potent and best herbs she can.