Virginia “Vert Foods” Marum


About: Virginia Marum, creator of Vert Foods operating in San Luis Obispo, California.

We are a local company that provides local and organic meals weekly for people – imagine a farm box but with all the produce handcrafted into delicious ready to eat meals using no chemicals or additives.  We currently use the SLO Grange Hall Kitchen for our cooking. Check us out. Vert Foods was created out of my passion for food and life.  I have become aware over the years of our need to return closer to the earth and have real, whole food – easily accessible to our families.

Vert Foods provides a changing bi-monthly menu for members. Each week you pick items from the menu, and your nutrient dense meal items will be made available at a designated location or for delivery.  Your weekly Vert Foods meal box will include reusable care packaging (non-toxic glass containers, care jars, etc). Each week you exchange your meal box for a new one including returned, gently washed containers.

Email: or call 805.748.5121 for the latest Menu.

Products: Click here to see the menu.