Since the beginning of time and space, the Chumash people have lived in this magical land that is called San Luis Obispo County. The Chumash are the First Peoples of this land and have thrived as a maritime culture along this coastline enjoying its magnificent beauty. The Chumash are still a vibrant community, practicing their heritage and culture today. The Chumash are the First sustainable * Local * Organic farmers here in SLO County. The Northern Chumash Tribal Council is working towards solutions for the future, with sustainable urban farming,  within San Luis Obispo community. Know where food comes from ~ Know Your Chuamsh Farm ~ ALL NATIVE ALL NATURAL

NCTC has leased land to Research and Develop Chumash Farms in Los Osos, CA.

The future of farming is here and we hope to establish a teaching farm to advance Eco-friendly, natural agriculture here and around the globe.

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