SLO Farmers

Shop Local and direct at your nearest Farmers Markets.  Local: refers to how our food is produced and reaches us. Continuously, refining our local network closer to our community: California, San Luis Obispo County, and ultimately near to our home in our immediate community.

When you are there ask the farmer a simple question before you buy.  “Do you use Synthetic Chemicals?” If they answer no! then green light to buy!

Produce is What Makes a farmers’ Market Great
Freshness.Whether you ask a customer or a restaurant chef who regularly shops at farmers’ markets what is the first thing they think of with respect to farmers’ markets they say “freshness.” In getting to a grocery store produce is first picked in the fields, sent to distribution centers, trucked to supermarket, stored in refrigerated rooms, and set out when shelves need restocking. From field to checkout counter produce has, on average, spent days and traveled a 1000 plus miles.

With few exceptions, produce at farmers’ markets is picked the same day or within a day of the market. That is fresh! visit SLO farmers market for ore info.