Grow Your Own

“7 ways to overcome obstacles in starting your garden (live webinar)‏” by Mike Lieberman

Anita and I were sitting on our couch last
night talking. She mentioned today’s date,
June 27, and it struck me…

…It was 3 years ago today that I left the corporate
world to pursue my passion and what I felt
strongly about.

No, it wasn’t answering people’s questions about
the best way to get rid of aphids or what to do if
their tomatoes are getting blossom rot.

That’s not my passion nor what I feel strongly about.

What I feel strongly about is our food and knowing
where it is coming from.

What I feel passionate about is empowering you
to start growing some of your own food in a way that’s
not overwhelming or confusing.

And from what you’ve told me, it’s something you’re
passionate about too.

During the past 3 years, I’ve created and put
together lots of free information, inspiration and
ideas to give you the tools to not just create your
own urban garden, but to know where your food’s
coming from…

And keep it pesticide and chemical free.

Because here’s the bottom line:
It’s freakin awesome to grow your own lunch…

No doubt.

But it’s life-changing when you can take back
control of your health and your family’s health
by getting connected to and deciding for yourself
which foods make it on to your plate.

There’s nothing like growing your own to make
that a reality.

To bring that feeling and passion back into what
I’m doing for you, I invite you to a webinar.

It’s called “Overcoming Obstacles to Start Your

During the webinar, you will learn, you guessed it,
how to overcome 7 obstacles that prevent you from
starting your garden.

Some of those obstacles include:

Planning your garden space
Knowing what to grow
How many plants fit in a container?
Plus, more

First, you will need to sign-up.

You can sign-up here.

Then you will be prompted to choose from
one of the three webinars below and register
for the one that is most convenient for you
to attend:

Friday, June 29, 9am PST
Sunday, July 1, 8am PST
Monday, July 2, 5:30pm PST

Again, you’ll need to sign-up first before registering
for one of the webinars.

After reading all your comments, emails and pouring
through your survey responses, I understand what you
are going through, want and need.

Straight-up – passion without planning means nada.

We can get all fired up about the importance of growing
our own food, but we also need to act on it.

See you on the webinar,
– Mike

P.S. This is NOT for the experienced gardener of
many years. It’s targeted towards those of you that
are having a hard time getting started or struggling
with gardening.